10 best vr games on all platforms, only 10 thousand capital!

Do you want to try the sensation of playing Virtual Reality (VR) games? ApkVenue recommends the games below, some of which only have 10 thousand rupiah in capital, gang!

The experience of playing games from year to year is always developing. Maybe if you ask your parents, they will remember the games arcade classic ones.

Next, enter the console games that allow us to play games at home. Followed by game devices portable which is very practical.

Lately, there are intensive games based on Virtual Reality (VR) which makes us feel like entering the game. Jaka wants to love you recommendations for the best VR games, gang!

Multiplatform VR Games

First, ApkVenue wants to give you games that can be played in several games platform here, gang. You need special devices that are quite expensive.

However, ApkVenue guarantees that you will be satisfied playing the games below because of the quality of the graphics and performance gameplay owned is so much fun!

1. Skyrim VR

Photo source: Techradar

If you are a game fan, you must be familiar with the name Skyrim. This game is indeed quite popular, so the VR version came out.

You can play this game via Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR. You will be able to feel the sensation of playing Skyrim as if you were in the game arena.

Not only that, you can also get Downloadable Content (DLC) like Dawguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn.

2. Marvel Powers Unite VR

Photo source: Techradar

Marvel fans? If yes, then you must try the game Marvel Powers Unite VR this one, gang!

You will experience how to become superheroes like the Hulk and Rocket Raccoon. Unfortunately, this game can only be played on Oculus devices, gang!

3. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Photo source: Techradar

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is one of the best VR games. To be able to play it, you need a Playstation VR device.

Can you imagine how scary it is to play this game using VR? Even so, Jaka guarantees that this game is very challenging!

4. Batman: Arkham VR

Photo source: Techradar

You must know that one of the best superhero games that we can play is a series Batman: Arkham.

Now we can play the game using VR devices such as PlayStation VR.

Even so, this game will feel more like a detective game and can be finished in just 90 minutes, gang.

5. Minecraft VR

Photo source: Techradar

Ah, Minecraft. Fans of this game are all over the world despite the checkered graphics. Moreover, now we can play this game with VR devices.

Maybe this game will make you a little sore because you have to rotate your body 360 degrees to see the entire arena of this game.

Android VR Games

The games that ApkVenue mentioned above on average have an expensive price and require devices that are no less expensive.

Well, for those of you whose pockets are thin, you can try the VR games for Android below, gang! You can download it for free.

How about the device? You can use Google Cardboard or other VR devices that are widely sold in online stores.

In fact, Jaka found a device that costs only 10 thousand rupiah, you know! If you have purchased the tool, you can enjoy the games below!

1. Flats

RPG Games Foliage Games LLC DOWNLOAD

The first game that ApkVenue will recommend for you is Flats. This game is an FPS game that allows you to feel the sensation of real war.

You can choose to play single player or multiplayer. If you want to use the VR features, you have to use an additional controller.

DeveloperFoliage Games
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.3 (33.659)
Size51 MB
Android Minimum2.3

2. VR X-Racer

DTA Mobile Simulation Games DOWNLOAD

VR X-Racer is a game endless run where you have to go through various obstacles that exist.

You will get additional points if you can avoid obstacles with a super thin distance or hit the blue ring that appears in front of you.

As a game endless run, the aim of the game is to get the highest score possible. You have two options for playing it, using your head or the controller.

InformationVR X-Racer
DeveloperIEC Corp
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.5 (13.668)
SizeVaries by device
Android Minimum4.1

3. InCell VR


The next game is InCell VR, where in this game you will enter the human body down to the cellular level.

This game is a racing game that takes place in a colorful macro world with impressive details.

You can also while learning the anatomy of the human body with this game. Moreover, this game has an evocative background sound mood!

InformationInCell VR (Cardboard)
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.3 (2.028)
Size72 MB
Android Minimum4.4

4. Voxel Fly

Adventure Games Cenda Games DOWNLOAD

Voxel Fly is a game genre endless run with a different sensation because you can play it through VR.

You will fly through the city and have to avoid various obstacles as far as possible. Oh yes, this game can also be played without VR, really.

You can also compare scores with your friends to find out who is better at playing this game.

InformationVoxel Fly
Developergranny strichel
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.2 (1.168)
Size44 MB
Android Minimum4.4

5. Whispering Eons #0


The last game that ApkVenue will recommend for you is Whispering Eons #0. This game is an adventure game with opera room and puzzle elements.

You have to be able to solve the puzzles. This game is challenging, unfortunately it can be finished in just one hour. It's free, it's asking for a long time, gang. hihihi

InformationWhispering Eons #0
DeveloperMiCk Software
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)4.7 (942)
Size100 MB
Android Minimum5.0

That's 10 best VR games which ApkVenue recommends for you. Really cool right, gang? Which one do you think you will play? Write in the comments column, yes!

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