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5 ways to reduce photo size to 100kb

It's easy to reduce the size of a photo to 100kb. Do not believe? Here, ApkVenue reviews how to reduce the size of photos on HP and laptops quickly & easily!

How to reduce the size of the photo is easy to do. Moreover, by reducing the size, the quality of the photo can still be maintained as before.

For example, for the need to apply for a job online, on line or other administrative requirements, where you have to upload a photo that must be compressed to 100kb only.

No need to panic! Now you can easily resize photos with a few easy ways that can be done on cellphones and laptops, you know.

Curious, right? Here Jaka reviews the group how to reduce photo size on cellphone and laptop which you can practice below, deh!

A collection of ways to reduce the size of photos on cellphones and laptops without reducing quality

You can do several ways to reduce the size of photos on cellphones and laptops by relying on applications or software software, as Paint, Adobe Photoshop, and others.

As for if you are lazy to install and prefer how to compress photos without an application, there are also several options online tools which you can access directly through the application browser Androids and laptops.

You can choose this alternative according to your needs, and the results provided by each method that Jaka shares are equally good.

Whether from applications or special sites that you can access for free on the internet, everything can be used as an intermediary for how to reduce photo resolution.

Main Functions Why Should You Know How To Reduce Photo Size?

How to reduce the size of a photo can be said as one of the important tricks that you must master, because in this era you will often deal with digital documents including photos.

Each institution usually has its own standards regarding the size of the photos as well as the resolution of the photos they use, and you must provide digital photos according to the standards they set.

Therefore, you must know how to compress 100KB photos to anticipate the collection of digital photos in different formats and sizes.

1. How to Reduce Photo Size on Android via Apps

Now is the time for all needs to be done independently mobile alias via smartphone, including for business compress and resize photo size, here!

Now, if you have a photo or selfie file on your cellphone and are lazy to transfer it to a PC or laptop, you can also change the photo size to small on Android, you know.

Here you can rely on a variety of the best photo compression applications on Android, one of which is Photo Compress 2.0 which has a small size, only 1.7MB and without ads. Curious?

Step 1 - Download Latest Photo Compress 2.0 Application To Reduce Photos

Make sure you have downloaded and installed the app Photo Compress 2.0 which you can get at the link below, gang.

Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD
Step 2 - Select the Photos You Want to Compress

Open the Photo Compress 2.0 application, then select an option Gallery and select the photo or selfie that you want to compress.

Step 3 - Start Compressing Photo Size

To start zooming out size photo, you just tap the button Compress. Next you can choose the quality by sliding toogle available, if you tap Compress once again.

Step 4 - Save the Compressed Photo
  • At the top you can see the size before and after being compressed. Finally, you just tap Exit then your photos will automatically be stored in the internal memory of the Android phone.

2. How to Change Photo Size on HP Without an Application

How to reduce the size of this second photo does not require any application, and you can practice it directly from your Android phone.

If you are lazy todownload and install applications on Android phones because the memory is full, you can also follow the method that ApkVenue will discuss.

Here you only need a online tools named iLoveIMG. Sounds the same as iLovePDF which works to merge PDF files, right! Hehehe...

In addition, one of the advantages of iLoveIMG is that it supports Indonesian-language sites. So it won't be difficult for you to follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Go to iLoveIMG Site and Select Photos To Get Started How To Reduce Photos

First, you just open the site iLoveIMG (// on the app Google Chrome until a display like the following appears.

Then you just select the menu Compress Image > Select Image to upload the photo you want to reduce in size from the internal memory.

Step 2 - Start Compressing Photos

Make sure the photos uploaded to the iLoveIMG site are correct, if you have you just tap Compress Image in the below section. Wait for the process to run for a few seconds.

Step 3 - Download Compressed Image

When it's finished, you can find out the size of the photo from the image that has been processed by iLoveIMG. If Jaka says iLoveIMG is quite effective because it can reduce photos up to 83%, gang.

For men-download, you just tap Download Compressed Images it will be automatically saved in the folder Downloads on your Android phone.

3. How to Shrink Size Photo Files on Laptop Without Application

This step will be suitable for you who are lazy install software on a laptop, like Adobe Photoshop and so on.

This photo compression method is also similar to the one Jaka reviewed in the previous point, but this method is more suitable for use when you practice it using a laptop.

To reduce the size of photos on a laptop without an application, you can simply rely on the application browser PCs, internet networks, and sites named IMGOnline, gang.

Well, here you are even given the option and can even apply how to reduce the photo size to 200kb, 100kb, or whatever you like, you know. Come on, see how to reduce the file size of this photo.

Step 1 - Go to IMGOnline Site at Browser PC To Compress Photos 100KB

Open the app browser, as Google Chrome on your PC or laptop and open the site IMGOnline (// until a display like the following appears.

Step 2 - Perform Photo Compress Settings

Swipe down the screen until you find a section like the following. First you just upload the photo you want to compress by clicking Choose File.

Next select the option Compress jpg-file to: (...) Kbytes to reduce to size, if you have clicked OK.

Step 3 - Wait for Process and Download Photo

Wait for the process for a while and the IMGOnline site will provide the file size after being compressed as shown in the following image.

To download it, you just click Download processed image to save on your PC or laptop.

4. How to Reduce Photo Size with Paint on Laptop

How to reduce the size of the next photo, can be done by using the default Windows application, namely: Paint which can actually be used to reduce the size of your photos, you know.

This photo editing application is guaranteed to be easy to use, not complicated, especially heavy for your PC or laptop specifications which may be limited.

Let's see the steps in how to shrink photo files with Paint as follows, yes!

Step 1 - Open Paint To Practice How To Reduce Photo Size

First open the app Paint and select the photo you want to reduce in size with the command Open. Next on toolbar, select an option Resize.

Step 2 - Start Reducing Photo Size in Paint
  • Next a window will appear Resize and Skew like in the image below.
Step 3 - Make Settings to Resize Photos

Then you go to the Resize section. Here you can set Percentage or Pixels according to your needs.

Don't forget to activate Maintain aspect ratio so that the proportions of the photo do not change. If you click OK.

Step 4 - Save the Compressed Photo

Check again the photo that you have shrunk. Last to save, you go to menu File > Save As > JPEG picture and do the save move as usual, gang.

5. How to Compress Photos in Adobe Photoshop (Suitable for Blogger)

Meanwhile, if you have a little expertise with softwareAdobe Photoshop, you can also use this professional design application, you know.

Especially for bloggers, here you can take advantage of a feature called Save for Web to reduce the size of the photo so that it is lighter when uploaded to your blog or site, gang.

For the steps, you can follow in full below!

Step 1 - Open the Photo You Want to Edit
  • open software Photoshop on your PC or laptop, here ApkVenue uses Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. Then click and drag the photo from Windows Explorer to the Photoshop window.
Step 2 - Save Photos with Save for Web
  • Next go to menu File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy) or open it with the key combination Alt + Shift + Ctrl + S.
Step 3 - Make Settings Presets Save for Web

To reduce the size of a photo on a PC with Adobe Photoshop, in the Save for Web window you can first set the presets which is at the top. Here Jaka chooses JPEG Medium.

Then you can also set Image Size by changing the pixel value or percentage. To see preview compress results, you can see at the bottom left, gang.

Step 4 - Save The Result

If you are sure of your settings, all you have to do is click the button Save... at the bottom and will automatically be redirected to a new window as below.

Here you just need to specify the location where you will save the photo and also the name. Finally you just click the button Save to save photos.

Other Functions Why You Should Compress and Resize Photo File Size?

Although it reduces the quality a bit, you might be wondering what it is about reason compress and resize Photo you need to do, gang.

At least for these two things it is really necessary to reduce the size of the photo. What are those?

1. Reducing Photos Can Make Your Blog Look Lightweight

Especially for those of you who are just learning to create a blog, a lightweight image size in the range of 100kb is actually capable speed up the loading process or loading site you, you know.

With the appearance of a site or blog that loads faster, of course, visitors don't have to wait long to immediately enjoy the content in it.

Moreover, according to some SEO practitioners (Search Engine Optimization), the loading speed of a site also affects ranking in search engines. So more visitors can come, here!

2. Reducing Photo Size Saves Storage Space

Do you know the reason why you have to reduce the photo size, for example very much upload files for registration or job applications?

Of course the reason is for save storage space, where surely many people will upload photos to the server.

Uncompressed photo files will potentially make the server full quickly and overload.

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Well, those were the tips and tricks about how to reduce the size of photos on HP and laptops to 100kb without reducing the quality, which you can do easily.

This way you can easily take care of administration, such as doing job registration or other needs, right?

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