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watch a movie as long as you're happy (full movie)

Curious to watch a romantic drama film As long as You're Happy? You can watch it here you know! (Full Movie)

Usually, films are based on true stories or novels best seller, it turns out that there is also a film adapted from a song, gang.

The movie is As long as you're happy which was adapted from a song with the same title sung by one of the Indonesian bands, Armada.

Played by young actors and actresses Aliando and Aurora Ribero who have also played in the film Difficult Signal, how is the story of the two of them in this film? Come on, see the following synopsis!

Synopsis of the film as long as you are happy

Produced by a production house Falcon Pictures, the Indonesian film titled As long as you're Happy tells the story of two teenagers with different characters who fall in love with each other.

Ali (Aliando Syarief) is a geeky and introverted man who falls in love with a girl named Aurora (Aurora Ribero) who a lot of boys fall for at school.

Having a relationship as a couple for three years, Ali and Aurora's love journey doesn't always run smoothly, gang.

Their love is put to the test when Ali gets into an accident and is in a coma for several days in the hospital shortly before he meets Aurora at the cafe.

While in a coma, Ali's spirit wanders unable to communicate and appears to anyone but God (God Dayana).

Assisted by his friend, Ali's spirit seeks answers to his worries about his love story with Aurora.

This spiritual experience made Ali know who his girlfriend's real figure was including Aurora's secret with another man named Rasya (Teuku Rasya).

Then, how will the love relationship between the two continue? What secret does Ali know from the figure of his girlfriend?

Interesting Facts About Movies As Long As You Are Happy

During the production process of the film Origin You're Happy, of course there are interesting things behind the scenes that are rarely known by many people.

Well, here are some interesting facts behind the production process of the film Origin You're Happy, gang.

  • To further animate his role, in some dangerous scenes, Aliando does not use stuntmen, you know, gang.

  • Aliando had difficulty building chemistry with Aurora because they are quite far apart in age, which is 8 years.

  • In addition to being the main player in the film, Aliando also turned out to be one of the participants soundtrack the movie, gang.

  • As long as You're Happy is Aliando's first film after a hiatus from acting.

  • The film Origin of You Happiness takes 28 days to shoot in Bogor, Jakarta, and Pacitan.

Watch Movies As Long As You Are Happy

InformationAs long as you're happy
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)7.7 (53)
Duration1 hour 28 minutes
Release Date27 December 2018
DirectorRako Prijanto
PlayerAliando Syarief

Teuku Rasya

Adopted from the lyrics of a song and has a unique storyline, this movie, Origin You're Happy, deserves to be an option for you to watch in your spare time, gang.

Well, for those of you who are curious about the full story of this film, you can watch the movie as long as you're happy here.

That was the synopsis and some interesting facts about the romantic drama film As long as you are happy, gang.

What interesting films do you want to watch? Write the answer in the comments column below, yes!

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