exciting! here's how to make your own cool game on your android phone!

You must often play games on Android, right? Want to try making your own game? EXCITING! Here's How to Make Your Own Cool Game on Your Android Phone!

In addition to communicating, many people also buy gadgets, especially Android smartphones and tablets to play games. On the Google Play Store, there are many choices of applications and games that you can download for free. ApkVenue also often writes articles about exciting games that you can play on Android. But this time, something was different. Jaka wants to tell you how to make your own Android game with only your Android phone. EXCITING! Here's How to Make Your Own Cool Game on Your Android Phone!

You can make your own games on your Android phone using an application called Draw Your Gaming. Uniquely, you don't need to make complicated designs or coding all. You just need to draw on plain paper with colored markers, then take a photo. Curious how the game will be like? Take a good look at this first.

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How to Make Your Own Game on Android with the Draw Your Game Application

  • Download and install the application first Draw Your Game below this.
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  • First create your game world by drawing on HVS paper, with the following conditions: Black for floors and walls, Green color for a trampoline that can make you bounce, Blue for objects that move or fall when touched, as well as Red for dangerous objects that will kill you if you touch them. For example, as Jaka made the following.
  • Then, open the Draw Your Game application that you installed earlier.

  • After opening the application, click "CREATE".

  • Follow the instructions. Just click the button Next-his.
  • Click "OK".
  • Then, click "PICTURE" to take pictures directly from your Android phone. Or click "GALLERY" to open the Gallery of your Android phone.
  • Photo of the image that you have made.
  • After that, place the Android robot character at its starting point. Then, click the Play button in the middle.
  • Just play, deh!

That's How to Make Your Own Game on Your Android Phone. Gameplay what is offered in this application is very simple. It's your creativity in making the map needed to make this game interesting. Placement of colored objects, shapes, paths, you can design your own as you like so that it becomes an interesting game.

How? Are you interested in the cool game maker application above? If it's not clear, or you have other information, please write your opinion in the column comments below this. Or you can also share your experience of making games with the application Draw Your Game with Jaka and other readers through the column comments under.

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