6 ways to read whatsapp messages without visible blue ticks

WhatsApp Web and message status have been read or not in the form of a blue check mark. And here's a review on how to read WhatsApp without the blue tick..

After being acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp successfully hit amazing numbers as an app messaging the best in the world. Until now, WhatsApp has been used as many as 990 million users around the world. Great isn't it? No wonder then when you open WhatsApp, your WhatsApp contacts will continue to grow every day.

Although it continues to grow, it seems that WhatsApp has not stopped rolling out new features. The new feature that is still being rolled out by WhatsApp is WhatsApp Web and the message status has been read or not in the form of a blue check mark. And here's a review on how to read WhatsApp without a blue tick that should be visible.

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How to Read WhatsApp Without Visible Blue Tick

For those of you who often use WhatsApp, you may have felt annoyed because your privacy to ignore someone's messages is being threatened. Imagine, now people can know you have read the message or not. In the end, so it's not good if you want to ignore him too? Well, ApkVenue, there is a way to hide the status of read messages on WhatsApp.

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1. Peek from Quick Settings

Got an incoming WhatsApp message from the person you're avoiding? It could be an ex or even a promotion. To avoid the appearance of blue marks in messages you read, you can only read incoming messages from Quick Settings. WhatsApp messages read via Quick Settings or Notification Bar will not display a blue check mark on the sender.

2. Using Widgets

In addition to beautifying the appearance homescreen your android smartphone, WhatsApp Widgets has another function, which can be used to read WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing. As long as you only read incoming messages in the Widget, the blue checkmark on the sender will not appear. But, once you reply, a blue checkmark will appear.

3. Airplane Mode Method

You yourself must be annoyed, isn't it if the message has been read, but not answered? Yes, you will definitely feel neglected. Well, so that your actions of ignoring people's messages don't hurt their feelings, you can use a simple method without the help of an application. To read the WhatsApp message without giving the sender a blue check, you can go to Airplane Mode when a message comes in. Then read the message. After reading, you can exit Airplane Mode again. The result, chat on the sender will not change to a blue tick. It's easy, right? But this method only applies to iPhone users, while on Android it does not.

4. Privacy Settings on WhatsApp

If it's complicated, you have to enter Airplane Mode every time chat sign in, you can use other methods provided by WhatsApp. Namely by going to WhatsApp settings, then select Account. After entering Account settings, select Privacy, then change options Last seen Becomes nobody, and uncheck the section Read receipts.

Later every chat what you read will not turn into a blue check mark on the recipient. Unfortunately, this will also prevent you from knowing whether your message has been read by the recipient or not.

5. Use WhatsApp Web

After being launched at the end of 2015, WhatsApp Web it has supported many web browsers. One of them is Mozilla Firefox. Well, by using the Mozilla browser, you can hide the blue mark in the chat that you read on WhatsApp. The method, install the ShutApp Add-on on the Mozilla browser you are using. Download ShutApp here. And this can only be used in the Mozilla browser.

To use it, click on the WhatsApp icon in the section toolbar to activate ShutApp when you are using WhatsApp Web. Once clicked, you will go straight to WhatsApp Privacy Mode. Click again to end the session if you don't want to hide the read status on the sender of the WhatsApp message.

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6. Using WhatsApp Plus

Just like his name, WhatsApp Plus equipped with a myriad of advantages over WhatsApp Official. One of the interesting features provided by WhatsApp Plus is the ability to hide status on line, a blue tick when the message has been read, a double tick when the message is read, and more. So, with WhatsApp Plus you can easily hide read status on WhatsApp.

Keep in mind, as a suggestion, don't hide the second tick status. Because Jaka never experienced incoming messages so slow. Download WhatsApp Plus apk on link which jaka provides yes. Then install WhatsApp Plus apk as usual.

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So, how easy is it to read WhatsApp without a blue tick, and now your privacy on WhatsApp is more secure, right? So you can ignore your friends' WhatsApp messages without having to worry about hurting their feelings.

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