how to invest in stocks online for beginners

Here's how to invest in stocks online for beginners. Check out what you need to prepare and the strategy here!

Currently, there are many investment tools that have many advantages, one of which is stock investment. If you are interested, come on, have a look how to check stock investment on line in this article. There are many advantages, lol!

Thanks to advances in technology, now investing in stocks can be done anywhere. Yes, we can buy stocks at home, in the office, anywhere, as long as we have a stable internet connection.

Instead of spending your money on online shopping, it's better to be allocated for investment through shares on line. How to play stocks is not as difficult as you think if you follow the tips below!

Guide to How to Invest in Stocks On line

Actually, what is stock investment? For those who do not understand, stock investment is an investment that is intended for the long term, in contrast to trading stocks that are intended for the short term.

Basically, the understanding of stock investment is to buy shares, then keep them for a certain period of time before selling them again when the market value has increased. That way, you can get high profits.

Very interesting, right? Unfortunately, many people think that this is difficult to do or the risk of loss is high, but this is not always the case. In fact, now you can invest in stocks with a small capital, you know.

In this article, ApkVenue will explain how to invest in stocks, as well as tips so that you can get a lot of benefits. Guaranteed, easy and even beginners can!

1. Open a Stock Account

The first step is to open a stock account. Don't worry, because opening a stock account is not complicated at all.

You simply register as a customer of a security so you can buy shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). Make sure you choose a broker with online trading software reliable and easy to use.

In addition, you will not be charged any fees when opening a stock account. Just prepare the documents below!

  1. e-KTP
  2. Passport
  3. NPWP
  4. Saving book
  5. Copy of family card
  6. Stamp Rp6.000

2. Deposit Funds

The next step in how to invest in stocks is to prepare a deposit of funds. If your stock account is ready, you will receive an email containing the Investor Fund Account (RDI) number.

You will get usernames, passwords, and PIN to deposit funds to the RDI. Just make a deposit according to the amount you want or the minimum amount according to the broker's provisions.

To deposit funds, you can directly make transactions via teller bank, ATM, internet banking, or other transfer methods.

3. Use the App Online Trading Best

In this step, you need to download software or app online trading provided by the broker where you opened the account.

Usually, software It is free and can be used via PC or HP. Now there are many online software easy-to-use trading.

To software as well as the best stock applications, you can listen to the article below for a complete explanation.


4. Buy and Sell Shares Through the App

Well, this is the final step in how to invest in stocks on line. Basically, you use the application you have downloaded to make transactions buy and sell.

Here, ApkVenue will explain how to buy shares for beginners in general because it's basically an application trading have the same menus and utilities.

  1. Select menu Buy, enter the code of the stock you want to buy.
  2. Enter the price of the stock you want to buy.
  3. Determine the number of lots of shares you want to buy.
  4. Press the button Send.
  5. To sell shares, press Sell.

How to invest in stocks is very simple, right? If there is a profit, the funds will go directly to your balance.

5. Stock Investment Tips

Of course, we can't just buy and sell stocks because they can cause losses if we're not careful.

In investing, there are several strategies that need to be considered. Here are tips for playing stocks so that you can continue to profit!

  • Choose securities with low transaction fees.
  • Do not splurge in buying shares, adjust to your financial capabilities.
  • Choose stocks listed on the LQ45 or IDX30 Index.
  • Buy shares from banks or consumer goods.
  • Buy stocks when the price drops, but still consider various aspects.
  • Read stock portfolios, choose ones with good and stable financial fundamentals.
  • Choose long-term investments.

Well, those are the things you must consider when buying shares. If you are still not sure about playing stocks, there are other alternatives that you can try, namely mutual funds.

Unlike stock investing, you don't have to bother checking your stock portfolio one by one because your money will be managed by an investment manager. You just sit back and deposit your money!

Of course, this is one of the popular choices among millennials today. For those of you who want to know more about mutual funds, see the article below.

A few of the ways to invest in stocks on line from Jake. Just follow the steps above to start investing in stocks on line and don't forget to keep abreast of market developments to determine the best stock options.

If you don't want to bother doing this, you can also consider mutual funds as an alternative. Good luck!

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