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how to delete mobile legends account permanently (update 2020)

Want to start playing Mobile Legends from scratch again on the same device? Delete your old account first! Here's how to permanently delete an ML account on Android.

How to delete a Mobile Legend account quite a lot sought after even though this game is still busy being played by many people. The game with the most players on the mobile platform is really selling well, really.

Released in 2016, now Mobile Legends: Bang Bang already has millions of players around the world. In fact, the initial launch had invited controversy and cases of plagiarism.

Mobile Legends popularizes the genre MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena to a mobile platform that was previously only popular with PC Gamers via DOTA and League of Legends.

The demographics of Mobile Legends players are not only limited to teenage boys. In fact, many adults and women are also addicted and become professional eSports athletes.

Although this game is free, there are in-app purchases or in-game purchases. Cool heroes or skins are often "poison" which makes players willing to spend millions of Rupiah to buy them.

For those of you who are tired of buying items in the game, uninstalling Mobile Legends doesn't necessarily solve your problem. Here's how to permanently delete Mobile Legends.

How to permanently delete a Mobile Legends account on an Android phone

There are many other reasons why people want to know how to permanently delete an ML account. Starting from wanting to reduce playing time, HP specs that are not qualified, and others.

Sometimes, too, there are players who want to redo their ML account from the beginning because the old account has win rate bad or low rank.

If you just uninstall Mobile Legends, it's easy, gang. But that doesn't solve the problem because when you install it again, your old account will also be returned.

Mobile Legends has a feature where you can bind your ML account with a social media account as a backup so that your data is not easily lost.

Overcoming the problem above, Jaka will let you know how to delete a Mobile Legends account so that it can be permanently deleted from your smartphone or Android device.

Then just follow the step by step below:

1. Go to the Account Settings Menu

  • Open the Mobile Legends application on your Android, then select the profile section. After your profile appears, you select the option Account Settings which is in the lowest position.

2. Select Connected Account

  • In this case, Jaka uses a Facebook account to play Mobile Legends. The next step is to choose an option Bind Account.

3. Unbind Account

  • If a display like the image below appears, what you have to do next is select an alias click Facebook Unbind.

4. Done Unbind

  • To delete your account from Mobile Legends, the last step you need to do is to select ok.

5. Go to Menu Apps Settings

  • Not quite there, you still have to complete a few more steps. Exit the Mobile Legends application, then go to the settings menu and application management alias Apps. Select the Mobile Legends application.

6. Clear Mobile Legends Data

  • Once open, you need to clean up the account that you deleted earlier. This needs to be done so that the account is completely deleted permanently.

  • The trick is to choose an option Storage, then press CLEAR DATA and CLEAR CACHE.

7. Clear Data Bind Account

  • Finally, go to the application that you use as a Mobile Legends account. Jaka who uses a Facebook account directly goes to the Facebook application in the menu Apps.

  • If so, select Storage then CLEAR DATA and CLEAR CACHE exactly as you have done in the Mobile Legends application. That way, your ML account has been officially deleted permanently.

BONUS: How to Easily Create 2 ML Accounts on 1 HP, Fix Win Rate!

Want to redo your Mobile Legends account but don't want to delete the old ML account? Don't worry, Jaka also has a solution for this, really.

You can easily create 2 ML accounts on the same cellphone. For more details, you can follow the following tutorial:


That's how to delete a Mobile Legends account on Android completely or permanently. Now you can turn over a new leaf, aka start your adventure in the ML world all over again.

But for those of you who have half-hearted intentions, ApkVenue recommends not deleting your account because one day you will definitely regret it.

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