here are 4 camera applications like gopro on your android

The following is a list of GoPro camera applications, a camera application on smartphones that is similar to GoPro and can be used as an alternative. Curious?

You're the one talking action photography Of course it's hard to let go of GoPro. Yep, that's right, this camera device is very familiar with being used for extreme activities or for recording videos in water because of its excellent quality and durability.

Owning a GoPro camera is the dream of many photography lovers outdoor. But honey, budget owned is often limited so that it is just a dream. Hey, don't despair. Because it turns out that there are several camera applications on Android smartphones that are similar to GoPro and can be used as alternatives. Curious? Here is a list of GoPro Android camera apps!

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4 GoPro Camera Apps On Android

1. Eye Fish Camera

Photo source: Photo: Google Play Store

Lamousi provides an alternative for those of you who want to have an Android camera application similar to GoPro. This application already allows users to capture images as if they are similar to what a fish eye sees with an angle of up to 180 degrees. This application also has several filter options that can make photos look fun.

Those of you who want this application are guaranteed not to regret because it produces HD (High Definition) quality photos to capture your best moments. This application that can be used for Android devices v4.0 and above can be a cheap option for those of you who want a GoPro camera.

2. YI Action Camera Sports Camera

Photo source: Photo: Google Play Store

This Android camera application like GoPro is guaranteed not to disappoint users because this device already has enough features that allow you to express and capture the best moments.

Well, you can also enjoy various editing effects for better photos, ranging from HDR effects, Half Planet, Tiny Planet, Spiral Galaxy, and so on. This device also supports manual settings for shutter/ISO/EV/wb which makes it easier and simpler to use in various situations.

Users will also be spoiled with 18 video capture options and 5 shooting modes with the best effects according to their individual needs. The application interface is quite attractive and easy to navigate, providing added value that does not appear in some other camera applications.

3. GoPro CamSuite

Photo source: Photo:

Currently, there are already quite a lot of camera application options such as GoPro Android that can be downloaded for free on Android Google Play Store. One thing you can try is GoPro CamSuite. Not only does it have a feature for taking pictures, but this application is also equipped with features for taking sophisticated videos.


4. FishEye Camera Live

Photo source: Photo: Google Play Store

The last GoPro-like camera app on Android with professional photographer-like results is FishEye Camera Live. No need to spend a lot of capital to get cool photos, just with the help of the camera gadgets. This application offers features such as panoramas so that the scope for taking an object is quite wide. The choice of lenses in this application is divided into three namely lenses fisheye circle, square fish eye lens, and finally a convex lens.

Well, how? Proven right? Experience the GoPro camera function is not impossible with the help of several choices of GoPro-like camera applications on Android that have been described. So, have you tried any of the options? Happy creative!

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