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the most accurate way to check internet speed on cellphones and PCs

Confused why your internet is suddenly unstable? Let's see how to check internet speed on HP and PC which is the fastest and most accurate.

The internet seems to have become a primary need for many people to do various tasks, while helping them to get closer to other people.

No matter how good the device is, if the internet network is unstable due to interference and so on, the device will not be able to connect you to the outside world.

That's why a fast and stable internet network is a dream for many people, helping them to do various kinds of work faster.

If you often feel that the internet network that you use often goes up and down, you must know how to check the most appropriate and accurate internet speed.

How to Check the Most Accurate Network Speed

How to check internet speed is very important because from here you can find out whether the provider you are using is worth keeping or not.

If you only rely on intuition, the conclusions you draw about the quality of the network used will not be accurately different from the test results that ApkVenue recommends.

From this test that only takes a few seconds to do, you can get descriptive and accurate data about your internet network speed.

Therefore, you are obliged to know how to check the speed of WiFi and cellular networks which ApkVenue will discuss in detail below.

How to Check PC Internet Speed

How to check the first internet speed that ApkVenue discussed specifically for PC users. With this test you can get more accurate data about your internet network.

The test method that ApkVenue recommends is also very easy to do. You no need to install software whatever to do it.

Here are some ways to check internet speed on a PC that you can do quickly and accurately.

1. How to Check Network Speed ​​via Ookla Speedtest

How to check the first internet speed that ApkVenue recommends for you is using free service created by Ookla.

With just one click you can immediately get information about the quality of your internet network. Although this service is free, The data presented here is still fairly accurate.

To be able to find out the internet speed that is connected to the computer device you are using, you only need to go to the page // and click the button Go.

2. How to Check Internet Speed ​​via CBN Speedtest

How to check internet speed on the second PC recommended by ApkVenue actually offers almost the same service as the first one, and the results are equally accurate.

To access this service from CBN, you only need to go to page // then press the button Go!! located in the middle of the page.

Wait a few moments, and this site will** measure the speed of the internet network you are using automatically**.

3. Check Internet Speed ​​Online via FAST

How to check internet speed on a PC, which is the last recommendation by Jaka, was made by one of the largest movie streaming platforms in the world, Netflix.

To be able to test using this Netflix-sponsored service, you only need to go to the // page and this website directly will automatically measure your internet speed.

The results provided are quite accurate and credible. This site is intentionally created to help Netflix users in check internet signal on their computer before watching.

Internet Speed ​​Check Application

Besides being important for laptop and PC users, the internet has also become an essential element for smartphone users.

Without the internet, smartphone users will not be able to take full advantage of their devices. Therefore, how to check internet speed on your cellphone is also mandatory for you to know.

Here Jaka recommends some of the most accurate network speed check applications that you can install on the smartphone device you are using.

1. nPerf

The first internet connection check application that Jaka recommends is nPerf. This application is able to analyze the speed of the internet network on your cellphone with fast and accurate.

Not only internet network speed, in this application you can also get other information such as: browsing test and streaming test.

All data about the internet network on the smartphone that you use can be obtained just by waiting for a few seconds.

Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
Rating4.8/5 (Google Play)

Download the nPerf App here!


2. Meteor

How to check internet speed on the next cellphone that Jaka recommends using the services of the Meteor application.

Besides being able to be used to check internet speed on your cellphone, Meteor too able to provide data on the feasibility of internet speed on the application installed on your HP.

Meteors too able to save connection data in various places you have visited, so you have data about which areas match your internet provider.

Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
Rating4.6/5 (Google Play)

Download the Meteor App here!


3. Speedtest Master

This latest recommended internet speed check application by ApkVenue already downloaded more than 5 million times on the Play Store, shows that the data presented by this application is quite accurate.

Speedtest Master can be used to test internet speed and stability on your cellphone, too able to display the data in the form of real time.

In addition, this application can also be used as a way to check WiFi speed, and is also able to show how many WiFi users you have access.

DetailsSpeedTest Master
DeveloperInternet speed test & Net meter
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up
Rating4.7/5 (Google Play)

Download the SpeedTest Master App here!

SpeedTest Master

Those are some ways to check internet speed that you can do on your PC and also on your cellphone using the best various applications.

You can use these tips as a comparison of internet quality from one place to another, or one operator to another.

Hopefully the information that ApkVenue shares this time is useful for all of you, and see you again in the next articles.

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