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how to install remix os to use android on pc

Have you ever wanted to experience using Android OS i PC? If so, now there's Remix OS. Well, here's how to install Remix OS on your PC!

Because of the popularity of Android, there is always the latest Android smartphone that comes offering a variety of new features. Not only smartphones, new applications also keep popping up to make it easier for Android users. Unfortunately, there are still a few PCs that use the Android operating system.

You can try the experience of using Android on a PC with the help of an emulator like Bluestacks, but it feels heavy. Well, this time ApkVenue will share a way to use Android on a PC without an emulator. Want to?

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Remix OS, A New Way to Use Android on PC

Have you ever thought about using Android as the main operating system on your PC? Can buy Chromebook, but they are expensive. Well, let's try to install Remix OS on your PC. Remix OS is an Android operating system optimized to provide ease of use on a PC, so it is completely integrated with the mouse and keyboard installed on your PC. It even looks like Windows 10, only it's an Android operating system. Want to?

How to Install Remix OS on PC

To be able to use Remix OS, there are a few things you should know and need. Meanwhile Remix OS can only be used as an operating system that can be installed via USB, not an operating system that can be directly installed on the HardDisk. So when the USB is unplugged, Remix OS will disappear.

What is needed to be able to install Remix OS is:

  • File Remix OS for PC. You can download Remix OS for PC directly from the Jide official site here.
  • USB 3.0 with a minimum capacity of 8 GB. It should be noted, you must use USB 3.0 yes. Because Remix OS requires a USB that has a minimum speed of 20Mb/s. As for the results when Jaka uses USB 2.0, the results are stuck in flash screen Remix OS.
  • PC with x86 architecture (since Remix OS is a x86 variant of Android).
  • PC capabilities for boot from USB.

If everything is ready, the next step you need is make bootable USB which contains Remix OS. The method is as follows:

  • Plug the USB 3.0 that you prepared earlier into the PC, then extract the Remix OS folder that you downloaded earlier.
  • Run file RemixOS USB Tool.exe, then on the ISO tab please find the file RemixOS.iso what you were extract.
  • Next on the USB Disk tab, please select the USB 3.0 directory that you connected earlier. Then click OK.

Making process bootable USB takes a while. Wait until the process is complete. When finished, you can immediately use bootable The USB is to install Remix OS on your PC.

How to install bootable Remix OS on PC? If your PC is capable boot from USB, you just plug it in bootable the USB to the PC, then reboot and choose to do boot from USB. The way to enter can be through the BIOS or by pressing the button Del + F2 moment boot, this depends on the type of PC you are using.

As a result, you will be faced with 2 choices. Will it boot in Guest Mode or Resident Mode. If you enter Guest Mode, all installed Android applications will be lost when you unplug it bootable the USB. Meanwhile, if you choose Resident Mode, all applications and data will be stored on the USB, and can be used in the future.

How about you, are you interested in trying Remix OS on a PC? Good luck!

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