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a collection of 50+ bucin words make you baper

Bucin's words are just right for those of you who want to flirt with your girlfriend. Come on, see a collection of the best Bucin quotes here! (update 2021)

Bucin's words or bucin's quotes seem to be the right choice for those of you who are really in love with someone, gang.

Bucin alias "slave of love" itself has now become one of the slang terms that are widely used by teenagers on social media or when interacting daily.

For those of you who may not know, bucin itself refers to people who are very crazy about love to be willing to do anything for the idol of the heart.

Interestingly, the term bucin is often used as a joke to provoke true bucins to speak using sentences that sound quite funny as well as laughable to the ear.

Well, for those of you who happen to be looking quotes best 2021 bucin make into caption Instagram, in this article Jaka will give you many special choices for you, gang.

The funniest words 2021

It's 2021 but still busy? Does not matter! As long as your nature doesn't harm other people and of course you still have someone to talk to, just brush it off, boss!

Well, for those of you who are tired of using romantic words, try using them the funniest words of 2021 the following.

1. Willing to Wait

I'm willing to wait, even though you don't give me news, even I realize if you want to leave.

2. Can Be Everything To You

If I could be your everything, I want to be your tears. Then I can be born in your eyes, live in your cheeks, and die in your lips.

3. Struggle

I don't know why every time I see you, I remember the exam. It's hard, but you still have to fight for the future.

4. Loyal Bucin

Everyone can say love, but not everyone can be loyal.

5. Loving You Is Not Just Words

I love you more than words, expressing feelings and thinking thoughts.

Other Most Noisy Words

6. My Love Is Like a Camera

My love is like a camera, if you focus on one other person it will blur.

7. Prefer Apples to Grapes

I prefer apples to grapes, because I'd rather call you than tease you.

8. You are my reason

Until this moment you are still the reason why my heart doesn't want to accept anyone.

9. It's Easier With You By My Side

Life isn't always easy, but it's so much easier with you by my side.

10. An Hour is Like a Decade

We'll see each other again in a matter of hours, but it feels like a decade. Can't imagine how happy this heart is in your arms.

Bucin Jomlo's words

Bucin doesn't only apply to those who already have a partner, because bucin singles also turns out to be no less exciting, gang. Just not having a partner can be bucin, especially if you have one.

Well, for those of you who feel busy, but don't have a girlfriend or single, here is Jaka with a group quotes bucin singles that might represent your heart.

  • I choose to be alone, not because I'm waiting for the perfect one, but need someone who never gives up.

  • One who single created with a partner he has yet to find.

  • single. Maybe it's God's way of saying 'Rest from false love'.

  • Jomlo is a young person who puts his personal development first for a classier love later.

  • I'm not looking for someone who is perfect, but I'm looking for someone who becomes perfect because of my strengths.

  • People's boyfriends are our pending soul mates.

  • Jomlo must pass. Everything has a time, when all solitude becomes a togetherness with a halal lover. Be patient.

  • Romeo was willing to die for Juliet, Jack died for saving Rose. The point is, if you want to live, be single.

  • I look for people not from their strengths, but I look for people from their sincerity.

  • Matchmaking is not flip-flops, which are often confused. So continue to be in the proper struggle.

Romantic Bucin Words

Quotes romantic bucin is the most suitable for those of you who are hit by the fire of romance. Especially if you've just started dating your boyfriend, surely bugging is an activity that you often do, right?

Well, if romantic words are still not enough to make your partner baper, you can use it quotes the following best love slaves.

  • If you're the guitar strings, I don't want to be the guitarist. Because I don't want to dump you.

  • If loving you is an illusion, then let me imagine forever.

  • Darling ... my job is only to love you, not against fate.

  • When I'm with you it feels like 1 hour is just 1 second, but when I'm away from you it feels like 1 day becomes 1 year.

  • Banana compote knows sumedang, even though the distance stretches my love will never disappear.

  • I want to be the only one, not the one.

  • I can't promise to be good, but I promise to always be by your side.

  • If I become a representative of the people I will definitely fail, how can I think about the people if the only thing on my mind is you.

  • Look at my garden, full of flowers. Look into your eyes, my heart is blooming.

  • Promise to be with me now, tomorrow, and forever.

Bucin Missing Words

Do you miss someone far away? If so, this is the right time for you to buzz, gang!

In addition to using your mainstay rags, you can also use bubbling caption miss you which does not lose to make your partner baper. Come on, try it!

  • Missing does not only arise because of the distance apart, but also because of unfulfilled desires.

  • You will never be far from me, wherever I go you are always there, because you are always in my heart, only our bodies are far away, not our hearts.

  • I know in my every gaze, we are hindered by distance and time, but I believe that in the future we will definitely be together.

  • Missing you without ever meeting is the same as creating a song that will never be sung.

  • There are times when distance is always a barrier between me and you, but still in my heart we are always close.

  • If this heart can't contain all the longing, what can I do but pray for you.

  • Maybe at this moment I can only hold this longing. Until the time comes when I can meet and release this longing with you.

  • Through the turbulent longing in my heart, there sometimes I really need your loving embrace.

  • In the cold night, I don't remember anymore; How often I think of you miss you too.

  • Missing you is like rain that comes suddenly and lasts a long time. And even after the rain stopped, I still miss you.

Quotes Schoolboy Bucin

It's not just adults, the bucin "virus" also turns out to be attacking school children, gang.

Well, if you feel you are a part of it, Jaka also has a group schoolboy love slave words which you can make status or caption on social media.

  • Since getting to know you, I have always wanted to learn, learn to be the best for you.

  • Do you know the difference between a pencil and your face? If the writing pencil can be erased, but if your face nothing will be able to erase from my mind.

  • It's not tomorrow's National Examination that I have to worry about, but the life test I went through after you left me.

  • One thing that makes me happy at school is that I can see your smile every day.

  • Do you know the difference between going to school and going to your house? If you go to school, you will definitely bring books and pens, but if you go to your house, I just bring my heart and love.

  • I'm not sad if tomorrow is Monday, I'm sad if I don't see you.

  • My moments of love are perpendicular to your moments of love. Making our love a perfect equilibrium point.

  • I am willing to take part in a running race around the world, as long as you are the line finish-his.

  • My homework is miss you. Stronger than Mathematics, broader than Physics, stronger than Biology.

  • My love for you is like a metabolism, which will not stop until death.

Funny Bucin Words

Even though it sometimes sounds ridiculous, the sentences that come out of the mouth of a bucin are often entertainment for those who hear them.

Like a group of several quotes cute bucin Here's what you can imitate to say to your girlfriend.

  • If the jelangkung is like you, I'll come and pick you up, I'll take you home, okay.

  • I eat whatever I like as long as it's with you, including eating liver.

  • Love is like a death sentence. If you are not shot, you are hanged.

  • Loving you is like a drug: once you try to be addicted, you don't try to make yourself curious, leave it to make you addicted.

  • I like snacking the most because snacking is delicious. Moreover, completely owning you....

  • This world belongs to the two of us. The others are just renting.

  • For me, all those days are Tuesdays. Tuesday in Heaven when close to you....

  • What if we both become a gang of criminals? I stole your heart and you stole mine.

  • You are like the coffee I drank this morning. Bitter, but addicting.

  • I'm often jealous of your lipstick. He can kiss you every day, from morning to night.

Quotes Troubled Bucin

The magnitude of a bucin's love for his idol, often causes confusion for them.

Watching movies, playing games, and other activities are no longer interesting to do other than thinking about them.

Instead of getting confused and unclear, it's better if you use the codeine caption upset here it is, gang. There is a choice caption short bucin too, lol!

  • Just hearing your name can make me smile like a fool.

  • I know your girlfriend is not the only one and likes you not only me.

  • Since I stopped hoping for you, I've become less enthusiastic about everything..

  • With you, falling in love is the most intentional heartbreak.

  • It's very difficult to feel the happiness of life without you by my side.

  • Through the turbulent longing in my heart, there sometimes I really need your loving embrace.

  • If you know, until now I still love you.

  • Sometimes I envy kites. The rope just broke, still being chased and not willing to be snatched by other people....

  • I didn't know what love was, until I finally met you. However, at that moment I knew how it felt to be heartbroken.

  • Chasing is tiring, but even more tiring waiting. Waiting for you to notice my existence....

Quotes Wise Bucin

Even though he often feels confused in his daily life, sometimes it is at moments like that a bucin can be wiser, gang.

In fact, not infrequently they are also smart in stringing words like for example wise love slave words the following.

  • Don't stop loving just because you've been hurt. Because there is no rainbow without rain, there is no true love without tears.

  • I have a million reasons to forget you, but nothing can force me to stop loving you.

  • Sometimes one feels so stupid just to love someone.

  • You are the best heartbreak that I will never regret.

  • It's not that it's not worth the wait, it's just that it often gives false hope.

  • A part of me hurts, remembering her being so close, yet untouchable.

  • The best thing about loving someone is silently praying for them.

  • I wish I could get rid of this feeling as soon as I lost you.

  • For the sake of love we deceive ourselves. Trying to be strong turns out to be dishonorable.

  • Think of me as your home, if you go you know where to go. Stay when you want and leave when you're bored...

Sad Bucin Words

Because of the love of a bucin with his idol, it's no wonder that they often feel sad in their days.

If you are one of them and want to vent on social media, you can use quotes this sad bucin, gang!

  • I'm confused, should I be disappointed or not? If I'm disappointed, who am I to him? If I'm not disappointed, but I'm waiting for his words.

  • My longing is like a branch that remains standing. Even though there are no more leaves to accompany it, until it finally dries up, breaks, and dies.

  • I guess we're just two strangers now having the same memories.

  • Make me hate you even if only for a few minutes so it's not too hard to forget you.

  • I love you with all my heart, but you share your feelings with other people instead.

  • Loving you may break me, but somehow leaving you doesn't fix me.

  • You are first and foremost in my life, but I am second to you.

  • If we can only meet in a dream, I want to sleep forever.

  • Seeing you happy is my happiness, even though your happy without me.

  • I sometimes envy things. Has no taste but always needed. Unlike me who has feelings, but is abandoned and ignored...

Words of Bucin Ambyar in Indonesian

Is your boyfriend cranky? Have you been comforted by using funny words but it still doesn't work? Calm! Here, Jaka will give a solution.

The solution is to seduce your girlfriend to use quotes bucin ambyar. No need to be confused about how to make it, because here Jaka has prepared a collection quotes Indonesian bucin is the most disorganized.

  • How can I move if only you my heart rests?

  • Memories of you are like home to me. So that every time my mind wanders, surely the ends will always come back to you.

  • Why are tissues useful? Because love never runs dry. - Sujiwo Tejo

  • If loving you is a mistake, fine, let me just keep being wrong.

  • Ever since I met you, I've been wanting to learn more. Learning to be the best for you.

  • Some act stupid just to see you smile. And he was happy about it.

  • I'm not a good person, but I will learn to be the best for you.

  • We don't die, but it's the wounds that make us unable to walk like we used to anymore.

  • Your presence is like a cup of coffee that I need every morning, which can encourage me to stay excited about the day.

  • I really want to give the world to you. However, since it's impossible, then I will give you the most important thing in my life, which is my world.

Javanese Bucin Words

Want to make fun but are embarrassed to use language that many people understand? If so, use the words of bucin ambyar in Javanese it's okay, gang!

Well, for those of you who want to code for your girlfriend or crush using Javanese words but can't do it, here Jaka gives some examples.

  • It's better to sing humorously but sweetly, rather than pretending to be romantic but having a tragic ending.

  • Ben ended up not being disappointed, Dewe had to know when to hope and when to stagnate.

  • I am ki wong Jowo, but I don't understand the meaning of 'I Love U', but I understand the meaning of 'I am tresno your crew'.

  • Don't need your beautiful and sugih, I'm pretty sure wes are happy and crazy.

  • My love for your crew is torn apart by the camera, your focus is still blurry.

  • Every time Dino is crazy about dreaming but he can't be stupid.

  • Don't meet 30 Dino Rasane Koyo for a month.

  • Me without you is like a lost cat. Ambyar.

  • My wish, I'm playing iso time. Supoyo, I'm iso nemokne kowe, it's more fun. Ben Lewih dowo wektuku kanggo urip with your slira.

  • I've never understood what it's like to kui tresno, I just met thanks to your slira.

Words of Bucin Ambyar Sunda

Your boyfriend or crush is Sundanese? Want to seduce use quotes a bucin that can make him smile to himself?

Here Jaka prepares a group caption Sundanese ambyar bucin which might be suitable for you to give to the person you like, gang.

  • Love Aa ka Neng moal leungit-leungit sanajan aa geus marry deui.

  • You have a limit on your patience, but your love, ka anjeun henteu aya seepna.

  • Kanyaah, I'm tired of fading eating Bayclean.

  • Memories of the endah keur babarengan jeung anjeun ek tuluy are reminded of nepi ka poho.

  • Kuring moal will always breathe alone, it takes a simple jalmi relief.

  • Nyaahna, you need tea, and the bank clerk is still collecting debts (hayoh mumuntil).

  • Urang's patience is limited, but your love for urang doesn't hurt or it's beakna.

  • Hayang rasana kuring strung together the words of love like this in this world, then bade I kuring kumpulkeun, so that Anjeun nyaho is very big, the feeling of love is low for you Anjeun.

  • Calm down wae neng, ari love brother mah sapertos krispatih song; Timeless.

  • Abdi sanes jalmi nu is perfect pikeun anjeun, sareng sanes oge nu is the best kanggo anjeun. But nu for sure, my servant jalmi hiji-hijina nu continues to be cute, ka anjeun.

Quotes Short Bucin

Lazy to bother with sentence packages that are too long? Do you want something simple but still able to represent your bucin nature?

Calm! Jaka also has a group caption short bucin who knows you need inspiration to vent on social media or even code your partner.

  • Only the network is missing, you don't.

  • It's often made to eat the liver, but realizing you're still here makes me happy again.

  • My enemies are those who want to have you too.

  • Many are always there, but if you're the only one I want, then what?

  • My sleeping hours are ruined by longing.

  • It's enough that China is far away, don't love us.

  • What's important is your happiness, I'm not important.

  • My only wish is to be loved by you....

  • Me without you is like an ambulance without wow wow wow.

  • Only Antarctica is far away. Antarctica don't.

Well, that was a collection of the best bucin words that you can make a status on social media accounts, gang. Even though you are often made fun of by people, sometimes your bucin nature can be proof of how much you love someone.

Moreover, some people are also really happy or don't feel uncomfortable with the nature of their partner like that, as long as it's not too much, okay! Hehehe.

If you like the most quotes which bucin?

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