characteristics of a damaged hard disk and how to fix it!

Your hard disk suddenly breaks and you are confused about what to do, here Jaka will tell you the characteristics of a damaged hard disk and how to overcome it.

The hard disk is an important part of the computer system. Because the hard disk is our place store various data. Ranging from important things such as work data to games.

However, like any electronic item, hard disks can fail at any time. Well, instead of your hard disk suddenly being damaged and you're confused about what to do, Jaka will tell you the characteristics of a damaged hard disk and how to fix it.

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Know the Characteristics of a Damaged Hard Disk and How to Overcome It

So, how do you know if your hard disk is damaged? So you don't have to ask any more questions, here's a quick look.


Recognizing the Characteristics of a Damaged Hard Disk

1. Computer Feels Slow

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If your hard disk is damaged, usually computer processes will feel much slower. If this happens, you should immediately take steps to do a check hard disk.

2. Our Data Files Are Damaged

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The second characteristic is your data files will often be damaged. Even if you don't do anything, suddenly when you want to open it, the data can just be corrupted.

3. Strange Sounds From Hard Disk

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The third characteristic is that it will come out strange sound from your hard disk. The sound roughly sounded "kretek-kretek" continuously and rather loudly.

4. Does not want to boot or experience a blue screen

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The fourth characteristic is unwillingness boot or even experience blue screen. Even if you have reinstalled, usually cases like this will still happen. Well, it's like this, it could be that your hard disk is damaged.

5. Software Check Results Indicate Unhealthy

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Finally, it can be seen from the results of checking the software. The software that ApkVenue recommends is Acronis Drive Monitor. If later it is indicated that your hard disk is damaged, this software will notify you.

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How to Fix a Damaged Hard Disk

Well, if you already know your hard disk is damaged or almost damaged, this is what you need to do.

Step 1

Unplug hard disk you are indicated to be damaged.

Step 2

Connect your hard disk to another computer that normal condition. For the connection between the hard disk and the computer, you can use the connector SATA to USB, or connect directly from Motherboards to SATA, or use HDD Dock.

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Step 3

If you can still access your data, do it backup as much data as you can save.

Step 4

Do the full format using the software Low Level Format. For the software, you can download it via the following link JalanTikus.

Step 5

After formatting, test your hard disk again using the software Acronis Drive Monitor. If the result is that your hard disk is back to normal, it means that what is damaged is the software.

However, if after formatting does not make the test results of your hard disk return to normal, it can be ascertained that the hardware is damaged. There is no way to fix it other than to replace it with a new one.

Well, that's just Jaka's article about the characteristics of a damaged hard disk and how to fix it. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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